TIGERCRUSHER PEX250*1200 Fine Jaw Crusher breekinstallatie

TIGERCRUSHER PEX250*1200 Fine Jaw Crusher  breekinstallatie
Foto: TIGERCRUSHER PEX250*1200 Fine Jaw Crusher breekinstallatie
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€ 13.039
≈ US$ 14.317
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Type breekinstallatie
Jaar 2015
Totaalgewicht 7700 kg
Standplaats China Shanghai
Datum van invoering meer dan 1 maand
Autoline ID XR10197
Registratienummer PEX250*1200 Fine Jaw Crusher
Overige details: Engels
Movement type: Static
Crusher operation: Secondary
Crusher type: Jaw crusher
Output capacity (t/h): 20-60
Feed size (mm): 250*1200
1. crushing cavity depth and no dead zone, high production efficiency, big crushing ratio, uniform end product size, low energy consumption, compared with ordinary fine jaw broken, high processing power than the same specifications 20-30%;
2. adopt and independent research and development of jaw plate, the same process under the condition of wear and tear is small, jaw plate's life may be extended for more than 3 to 4 times of high abrasion resistance material is more obvious;
3. simple structure, reliable operation, low operating costs, the lubrication system is safe and reliable, parts easy to change, small maintenance workload.
4. low noise, less dust, stand-alone energy saving 15% ~ 30%, and the system energy saving more than double.
5. discharging mouth wide adjustment range, wide adaptation, can meet the requirements of different users
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