Nieuw TIGERCRUSHER VSI Centrifugal Impact Crusher VSI7611 breekinstallatie

nieuw TIGERCRUSHER VSI Centrifugal Impact Crusher VSI7611  breekinstallatie
Foto: nieuw TIGERCRUSHER VSI Centrifugal Impact Crusher VSI7611 breekinstallatie
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€ 28.386
≈ US$ 31.168
prijswijzigingen meedelen
Type breekinstallatie
Jaar 2015
Standplaats China Shanghai
Datum van invoering meer dan 1 maand
Autoline ID TR10197
Capaciteit 130 t/h
Conditie voertuig
Conditie voertuig nieuw
Registratienummer VSI7611 Centrifugal Impact Crush
Overige details: Engels
Extra options: New/unused
Movement type: Static
Crusher operation: Secondary
Crusher type: Impact crusher
Output capacity (t/h): 130-200
Production country: China
1. Advanced double-pump oil lubrication system guarantee shaft bearing lower temperature increase, longer life time, more reliable operation.
2. Main shaft is equipped with imported precision rolling bearing. It makes main shaft work stable, lengthen maintenance cycle, increases productivity.
3. Hydraulic lifting mechanism of upper cover can move away the cover easily, which saves man power during maintenance.
4. Over-vibration device is equipped. There will be alarm when vibration surpasses a stipulated figure. It will stop the machine, in order to protect it.
5. Special dust-proof design for main shaft bearing fully avoid dust entering bearing lubrication part, which make sure the machine work normally.
6. Special feed opening structure makes it possible that center feeding and ring feeding comes together, in order to meet requirement of different stones. In addition, this equipment can not only crush stone, but also iron
Processed Materials:
Iron ore
copper ore
gold and silver ore
zinc ore
manganese ore
limestone、granite、basalt、river stone、coal gangue、quartz
Mechanism sand
bituminous concrete
metal mine
aggregates shaping
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