MERCEDES-BENZ Atego 1222 L gesloten laadbak

MERCEDES-BENZ Atego 1222 L gesloten laadbak
Foto: MERCEDES-BENZ Atego 1222 L gesloten laadbak
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€ 35.900
≈ US$ 38.169
Model Atego 1222 L
Type gesloten laadbak
Eerste registratie 06/2011
Kilometerstand 271000 km
Laadvermogen 4625 kg
Netto gewicht 11990 kg
Standplaats België Aartselaar
Datum van invoering meer dan 1 maand
Autoline ID PK9986
Maten lengte - 7.24 m
Merk 4-cyl. in-line,LA,160kW (218hp),2200rpm
Vermogen 0.22 PK (0.16 kW)
Aantal cilinders 4
Euro V
Configuratie assen 4x2
Vering lucht/lucht
Wielbasis 4760 mm
Radio CD
Cruise control (tempomaat)
Aanvullende uitrusting
AdBlue tank
Registratienummer 16116S0088
Kleur blauw
Overige details: Engels
Steering: left,
AdBlue tank, 25 l,
AdBlue tank, plastic,
Axle ratio i = 4.778 (HL2/6),
Deletion, rear underride guard (EC),
Differential lock, rear axle,
Emissions monitoring for nitrogen oxide (NOx),
Front axle 5.3 t,
Front spring, 4.4 t, parabolic,
Front underride guard (EC),
Main silencer, right, side, on frame,
Main tank, 180 l, plastic,
Mounting parts on frame/hole pattern,
On-Board Diagnosis 2, with NOx check,
Protective device, side,
Rear axle H4, 11 t, crown wheel 390 mm,
Splash guard in wing,
Stabiliser, rear axle, for extremely high loads,
Stainless-steel silencer with SCR cat. conv,
Steering LS 4,
Tank-cap lock,
Alternator 28 V/100 A,
BlueTec 5 (Euro V),
BlueTec EEV,
BlueTec Hybrid,
Clutch supplier F&S,
Exhaust brake, with constantly-open throttle valve,
Telligent automatic gearshift system,
Transmission G 85-6/6.7-0.73,
Additional keys or remote-control transmitter,
Distribution cockpit,
Driver's comfort suspension seat, Grammer,
Front mirror, aerodynamic,
Mirror on driver's side, electrically adjustable,
Pollen filter,
Power windows for driver's/co-driver's door,
Roof hatch/vent, roof,
S cab,
Stowage facility above windscreen, 1 compartment,
Stowage facility, on engine tunnel,
Sunblind, side window in driver's door,
Co-driver's seat, static, Isringhausen,
Compressed air dryer, heated,
Electrics, for non-MB body,
Automatic cutouts,
Battery/batteries, higher capacity,
Communications interface (KOM),
Electrical system with corrugated hose covering,
Inst. cluster, graphics-capable display, eco-meter,
Provision for fitting CB radio,
Provision for fitting FleetBoard,
PSM, body and trailer CAN, ISO 11992,
Reversing warning device,
Switch, taillift,
Voltage transformer, 24 V/12 V, 8 A,
15-degree tapered rims, 6.75 x 19.5, reinforced,
Tyre make, specially requested, Michelin,
Wheel nut cap,
Braking system, EPB II,
CharterWay,min.spec. for platform/box-body vehicle,
Control unit, Common Powertrain Control (CPC),
Exemption, compulsory for axle transfer,
Feasibility request, order, special control code,
First aid kit,
FleetBoard components,
FleetBoard vehicle computer,
Global Cockpit,
Hazard warning triangle,
Main contractor, Wörth Plant,
Noise reduction measures, EC 96/20,
Plausibility control code (internal),
Registration certificate, Part II, prepared,
Storage box, on frame,
Test booklet,
Text order,
Tyre inflating hose, 10 m,
Vehicle, for right-side traffic,
Warning lamp,
Wiring harness, digit. tachogr. for telematics CAN
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