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GREEFA GREEFA overige landbouwmachines

GREEFA GREEFA overige landbouwmachines
Foto: GREEFA GREEFA overige landbouwmachines
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€ 12.500
≈ US$ 13.355
Type overige landbouwmachines
Standplaats Nederland Nieuwerkerk a/d IJssel
Datum van invoering meer dan 1 maand
Autoline ID JW6582
Registratienummer 1935141206
Overige details: Engels
Culture: Apples, Fruits, Pears, Peppers
Greefa automatic automatic gentle bin filler for fruit
The Gentle Bin Filler is true to its name
Sleek design, an intelligent operating system and the clever use of brushes for transfer make this filler extremely fruit-friendly
With this filler, we offer you the possibility to fill bins in a dry manner
Dry filling of bins
Suitable for round and elongated fruits
Very fruit-friendly
Advantages of Gentle boxfiller
No abrupt transfer of direction and speed of fruits and thus minimising the chance of bruising
Brush and flap are removable; cleaning is simple
Flaps in the distribution disc ensure optimal guidance to the bin
Uniform filling of bins
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