SCHMITZ Reefer Standard koeloplegger

SCHMITZ Reefer Standard koeloplegger
Foto: SCHMITZ Reefer Standard koeloplegger
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€ 21.500
≈ US$ 22.777
Model Reefer Standard
Type koeloplegger
Jaar 11/2010
Eerste registratie 11/2010
Kilometerstand 167283 km
Totaalgewicht 39000 kg
Standplaats Denemarken Padborg
Datum van invoering meer dan 1 maand
Autoline ID QP9858
Maten 13.42 m × 2.49 m × 2.6 m
Aantal assen 3
Registratienummer 4301201
Kleur wit
Overige details: Duits
Side / front wall, Frontwall recess for coolingThermoking, Diesel/Electric, Operating hours Diesel: 5,203, Operating hours Electric: 13,373, Loading area (L W H): 13,420 mm, mm 2,460 mm, mm 2,650 mmTire size: 385/65 R22.5, 1st axle: Tread depth: 6 mm / 6 mm, 2nd axle: Tread depth: 8 mm / 7 mm, 3rd axle: Tread depth: 11 mm / 11 mm, Rear underrun, Ferry lashings, Bolted chassis, 2x7 pin plug, Roof ventilation with valve, **With our Value Added Services we can offer:**\\* TrailerPlus warranty for used trailer\\* individual financing solutions\\* full service contracts and telematic-services\\* provision of export registration plates /customs plates\\* organisation of export documents\\* vehicle preparation, new curtains, spare parts\\* delivery of your vehicle on the road or by sea\\Ask your CTS advisor for your individual, suitable offer, We would be glad to advise you personally!\\----Info number for requests: **4301201**----\\Please find an overview of all vehicles available on our website
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